About the Association

We are a non-profit association dedicated in freely giving the tools, teachings, structure, and support that empowers each person to comprehend and realise the infinite potential of their essential nature. We offer courses in meditation, esoteric psychology, kabbalah, dream yoga, alchemy, tarot, mysticism, as well as a thorough preparation for the inner process of transformation, that has been secretly taught in all religions, which humanises the divine and deifies the human.

Classes offered by the association involce teachings and practices that allow students direct experiential insight into their own inner psychology and spiritual nature, and the external nature that surrounds us. Gnosis is not just theoretical. Practices are given so that what is being learned can be verified and applied to daily life, surpassing the boundaries of believing or disbelieving, which both lead to ignorance.

The goal of Gnostic schools is to guide the student onto their own path. With this in mind it gives the necessary keys for awakening our consciousness in the physical world we live in day to day, the world of our own interior psychology, and in the real and tangible inner worlds that we normally label the ‘Astral’ or ‘Dream’ world.

We are a part of the Australian Gnostic Association nationally and the Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor internationally

Contact classes@sunshinecoastgnosis.org