Advanced Topics

Every true esoteric school provides teachings in three levels: exoteric, mesoteric and esoteric. In our school these are called the Three Chambers. The Public Lectures gives the student a taste of the gnostic postulates; through the 33 lectures of the Introductory Course the student becomes familiar with the basic foundations of the Gnostic teachings; Meditation Chamber provides the student with the setting to go deep within, to enter into contact with the essence, and to become conscious of what they already know. 

The public, introductory and meditation courses of First Chamber are to learn about Gnosis and to learn to work on ourselves. They are an introduction to the gnostic work. Following are further studies into the nature of the mind, specifically to annihilate defects in the psyche and liberate our essential nature. Topics also include esoteric studies such as Kabbalah, Tarot, Chakras, Runes, Deeper Meditations, Mystical practices and more…

The objective is to support and aid the seeker in becoming their own Gnostic, that is the one who conquers the Mysteries on their own.