Gnosis: Tradition and Revelation

Gnosis is direct experience of the Mysteries. The Mysteries of God and the Gods, of creation and Man. The Egyptian Hermes stated “As Above, So Below” – We all live and breathe in the mind of God, and just so, our own mind is a universe in miniature. As we know our own internal universe, we come to know the universe that surrounds us.

Gnostic Tradition

The tradition of Gnosis is esoteric. Its sole objective is the self realisation of the Being and the liberation from a mechanical life. The Gnostic Tradition is:

  1. A Body of Teachings.
  2. Esoteric Practices.
  3. A School.
  4. The Masters.

1. The Gnostic Teachings: The Gnostic Teachings contain all the keys and knowledge necessary to unlock the doors to the mysteries of life and death… As well as the ancient Gnostic manuscripts, these keys unveil the hidden knowledge contained in all the world’s mystery schools, religions and myths.

Some of these teachings are: the true and false nature of the mind; the technique for dissolving the ego; awakening consciousness; esoteric sciences such as alchemy and kabbalah; the esoteric tarot; dimensions beyond the physical; esoteric psychology; teachings about karma, reincarnation, chakras, kundalini yoga and many more…

2. Gnostic Esoteric Practices: Meditation; Astral Unfoldment; Developing Imagination and Intuition; Self Observation, Psychological Reflection, and Self Remembrance; Technique to dissolve Defects/Egos;  Prayers and Mantrams to awaken faculties and experience the Inner Being; Alchemy, The Transmutation and Sublimation of Energies; Further Mystical Practices

3. The Gnostic School: The Gnostic Schools give the teachings in structured courses in their various levels and guide the students together in the practices. They are non-profit organisations and exist solely to serve humanity.
4. The Masters/Adepts: The Masters, the Adepts, are the Ones who have achieved the Gnostic Goal, Self Realisation. The Ancients, and those more recent, have left teachings in writings, gospels, poetry, works of art, stories, myths, architecture, philosophical systems, mystical schools, mystical practices, rituals, religions… in every place in the world. The foundation of the gnostic movement of our times are these teachings, unveiled and presented by its founder Samael Aun Weor, which are given freely and openly to all.

Tradition and Revelation

Direct Mystical Experience/Direct Revelation makes Gnosticism a living tradition: When the gnostic experiences union with divinity, the reality of the animal ego, the astral world etc… Gnosis then lives inside that person.

The revelations of all the gnostic people feed the gnostic tradition. The tradition guides and instructs the gnostic people. This is the beauty of Gnosis. Wherever a person seriously works on themselves, the gnostic tradition is alive, no matter what school they are from.