“Why are you so enchanted by this world
When a mine of gold lies within you?
Open your eyes and come –
Return to the root of the root
Of your own soul.”

Meditation Chamber

Meditation is a practical tool that anyone can use in order to investigate the true nature of any phenomena in nature or within oneself.┬áThe basis of any real spiritual path is our own experience of the truth. We acquire this knowledge through the use of consciousness. Meditation is the art of developing the consciousness in all its levels. Real meditation is essential in every genuine spiritual tradition in the world and the objective of the Meditation Chamber is to provide a firm basis in this art to allow each student to experience the reality that exists – both within and outside the person – beyond the prisons of the mind.

Common schools of meditation such as Transcendental Meditation and Vipassana only focus on the preliminary stages of meditation. While they may provide an increased feeling of relaxation and inner peace, they lack the depth that is needed to truly go beyond the mind and experience the great mysteries of life.

A true sanyasin of meditation should be able to leave their body at will and intimately fuse with that which they are meditating on. Real meditation is not a practice of zoning out at all; it is an intimate experience of the consciousness that leads to mystical ecstasy. To be able to truely meditate takes decades of structured daily practice and the objective of Meditation Chamber is to provide this structured guidance.