Activities and Courses

Gnosis at it’s heart is a purely practical school, and consists of a wide variety of psychological and esoteric practices that compliment the theoretical knowledge that is given, in order for each student to be able to experientially verify what is taught and allowing each student to attain their own Gnosis. All courses are funded purely by voluntarily given donations.

Public courses run throughout the year include a variety of topics. These topics are aimed for anyone and students come for a variety of reasons, including: dealing with stress, anger, and depression; improving relationships; understanding more out of life; interests in the esoteric field; the feeling that there is something more to this existence etc. 

If students wish to penetrate further into the Gnostic Mysteries, the Foundation Course is offered, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Gnostic Teachings. What then follows is the Meditation Chamber, which aims to provide each student with the necessary tools in order to penetrate deeply into the mysteries themselves. An Advanced Program follows the Introductory and Meditation program and is for those who are dedicated to making gnosis the central core of their life.

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