Foundation Course

The Foundation Course provides an comprehensive introduction to the Gnostic Teachings. Topics are as follows:

Introduction To Gnosis

  • What is Gnosis?
  • The 4 Pillars: Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion
  • Esoteric Sciences: Alchemy, Kabbalah, Meditation, Psychology
  • Imagination and Symbolism in Sacred Art
  • Initiatic Philosophy
  • Mysticism and Symbolism in Religions

The Four Ways

  • The Fakir: Order and Discipline in Life and the Esoteric work
  • The Monk: Devotion; Prayer; Developing the Faculties of the Heart.
  • The Yogi: Esoteric Study and Practice, Self Knowledge
  • The 4th Way: The “Straight and narrow”; The Esoteric Path or Path to Enlightenment

The Two Lines Of Life

  • The Being and the Personality (The Spiritual and the Physical)
  • Raising our level of Being
  • Happiness and Balance in Life

Need And Greed

  • Human needs; Moderation
  • The Mechanism of Sensation and Satisfaction
  • True Vocation. Greed and Ambition

The Consciousness, The Personality And The Animal Ego

  • The Consciousness; Developing our Essential Nature; Direct Mystical Experience
  • The Ego / The Many Selves or I’s; Dissolving the Ego
  • The False Personality; Thinking and Living Mechanically

The Human Machine And The Pluralized ‘I’

  • 5 Centres of the Human Machine: Intellectual, Emotion, Motor, Instinct and Sex
  • Influence on the 5 Centres of the Subtle Forces of Nature
  • The Ego in the 5 Centres

The Three Brains And How To Solve Problems

  • How to Relax, Manage Stress and Dissolve Problems
  • Balance in Mind, Emotion and Life

The Three Minds

  • Sensorial Mind: Mind of the 5 senses, Material Mind
  • Intermediate Mind: The Mind of Religion and Beliefs
  • Interior Mind: The Vehicle of the Being; Imagination and Intuition; the Chakras
  • Faith and Belief

The Universal Mind

  • The Cosmic/Universal Mind; The Microcosmic or Human Mind
  • Hermes Law of Correspondence: “As Above, So Below”, “The Interior is the Exterior”
  • Origin of the Universal Mind
  • Imagination and Will
  • Mental Epidemics and Mental Hygene

The Spatial Sense And The Fourth Dimension

  • The Intimate Remembrance of One-Self
  • Time and Eternity, Spatial and Temporal Time
  • The Multidimensional Universe
  • The 4th dimension, Jinas, Hyperspace

The Awakening Of Consciousness

  • The Infinite Possibilities of Human Consciousness
  • The 4 States of Consciousness
  • Dreams and Astral Travel
  • Techniques and Practices for Awakening Consciousness

Learning How To Listen

  • Self Remembering and Relaxation
  • Listening Consciously
  • Concentration

Return, Recurrence And Reincarnation

  • The Great Machinery of Nature and its Intelligent Laws.
  • Destiny and Fate
  • Liberation from Repetition in Life and Mind
  • Rhythm, Order and Balance

The Law Of Karma And Dharma

  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Law of Karma; Types of Karma
  • Managing, Paying and Liberation from Karma
  • Dharma

The Mysteries Of Life And Death (Part 1)

  • Physical Death and Mystical Death
  • The Energies of Life and Death
  • Living in the Moment

The Mysteries Of Life And Death (Part 2)

  • The Ray of Death
  • The Angels of Death and Life
  • The Vital Body
  • The 4 Worlds, Mineral (Infernos), Cellular (physical), Molecular (Paradise), Electronic (Light)

Evolution, Involution And Revolution

  • Evolution and Involution; the Mechanical Axis of Nature
  • Transmigration – The Journey of the soul
  • The Infernos
  • Higher Destiny and the Path to Freedom

The Seven Rounds And The Seven Races

  • The Creation of Man and the World
  • The Authentic History of our Humanity and our Race
  • The Future Races

The Origin Of The “I”

  • The Kundabuffer Organ aand the Fall of Humankind
  • Dissolution of the Ego, the “I”
  • The Sacred Fire, The Sacred Serpent, Kundalini

The Lunar Influence

  • The Influence of the Moon
  • The Law of the Pendulum
  • The Psychological Moon

The Hidden Side Of Our Psychological Moon

  • The Visible Side of our Psychology
  • The Hidden/Dark Side of our Psychology
  • The Ego

The Universal Sound

  • The Creative Power of the Word
  • Energy, Matter, Vibration, Movement and Sound
  • Vibratory Affinity
  • The Power of Mantras

The Seven Cosmos

  • The Absolute Reality, Absolute Abstract Space
  • The Ray of Creation, The 7 Cosmos’
  • The Laws of 3 and 7
  • Our Place in Creation and the Return to the Absolute

The Tree Of Life

  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge
  • The Ten Sephiroth and the 4 Worlds
  • The Tarot

The Study Of The Solar Man

  • The Creation of the Solar/Spiritual Human
  • The Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies
  • Esoteric Development

Seven Types Of Men

  • Mechanical and Conscious Humanity
  • The Division of Humans – Instinctive, Emotional, Intellectual
  • Mind, Desire and Sex
  • The Balanced Human Being
  • The Solar Human – Astral, Mental and Causal Human

Psychic Development

  • Sensations and Impressions
  • Concept and Reality
  • Spiritual Development – Development of the Sacred Fire

Transformation Of Impressions

  • Self Knowledge
  • The Exterior and Interior Worlds
  • Transformation and Sacrifice

Prana, Tattwas And Pranayama

  • The 4 Elements – Fire, Air, Water, Earth
  • The Tattwas and the Elementals of Nature
  • Tha Akash and the Vital Body
  • Pranayama

The Sexual Hydrogen Si-12

  • Occult Chemistry / Alchemy
  • Sustenance and Foundation of the Body’s Energies
  • Fabrication of the Solar Bodies

Astral Travel

  • The World of Dreams
  • Direct Esoteric Experience in the Astral World
  • Discipline and Techniques for Astral Travel
  • The Astral Body

The New Age Of Aquarius

  • The Sidereal Year, 25,920 years
  • Dionysus and the Aquarian Ray
  • Positively Polarizing the Aquarian Ray

The Pancatatwa Ritual

  • Practical Alchemy
  • Tantra
  • The Nourishment of the Being