Hi all,
The mechanical plan for the Sunshine Coast regional day retreats at Bellvista for 2022 are as follows (things may change later in the year if Chenrezig lifts their vaccine restrictions). We are following the theme of “The Three Mountains” for the whole year.
22nd Jan – The Guardian of the Threshold and the Psychology of the Minor Path
19th Mar – The Tests, Psychology and Biology of The Four Elements
14th May – Awakening of Kundalini and The Seven Initiations of Fire
16th Jul – The Initiation of Venus
Sep – First Labor of Hercules 
Oct – The 9 Labors of Hercules
Dec – Purgatory and The 9 years of Job
Talks and practices on the theme will come from the attending missionaries who wish to contribute. The hours are 9am to 8:30pm and cost is $15 per person (under 16 free – but make sure you let us know they are coming for catering purposes!). Participants should be able to meditate comfortably for at least an hour and be defined to attend the whole retreat, unless you have young children who need an earlier bedtime. 
The location is Bellvista Meeting Place, 18 Lomond Cres, Caloundra West QLD 4551. The location is directly next to a playground, park, and lake with lots of birds, so it is quite accommodating to children assuming it is not raining.
The deadlines to RSVP will be the Sunday before the retreat. If you RSVP and end up not attending, the $15 is still due as we would have already spent it on catering, unless you let us know by the Sunday before the retreat. We will try to accommodate late RSVPs: however the cost of attending will be $25 rather than $15. Retreat numbers are limited to 55.  Please only RSVP if you commit to the whole retreat (i.e. 9am to 8:30pm), unless you have young children who need an earlier bedtime
Due to the positive feedback from our last retreat on the tests of the elements, we are going to continue the silence discipline (in and outside the hall) at the start of the retreat. However, this will break after the morning tea break rather than after lunch.
To RSVP, please email us via or SMS us at 0402422779, who is coming (number of adults and children), and if you have dietary requirements.
Benjamin and Angela