Saturday Workshops Kawana Library meeting room, Birtinya

Dream Interpretation, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel – May 25

Explore how the archetypes within dreams can teach us more about our lives, how we are living, and who we really are. Learn the techniques of Lucid Dreaming to awaken within and explore this ‘dreamtime’ directly. 

The Elementals of Nature – June 29

We explore the topic of elementals (as they are known in the west) and kami (as they are known in the east), the conscious sparks behind all things within creation, and their depiction within history and art. We discuss techniques given by the ancient traditions of the past to connect to this deeper dimension of nature around us.

The Meaning of Life – July 27

Who are we? What are we living for? Why are we here? What philosophies underpin our current lives and what is the foundation beneath them? How can we gain more meaning in our lives?

Self Psychology – August 31

Learn practical tools and techniques to see ourselves deeper, connect with our intrinsic nature, and separate from pain, depression, anxiety, vices, and all factors that limit us. Become our own psychologist.