In Person Classes

The Gnosis: Foundation Course is due to begin in person in August on Thursday evenings 7 – 8:30pm  at the Millwell Road Community Centre. The exact date is to be advised: we are waiting to find out when the community centre will reopen. Spaces may be limited due to the coronavirus restrictions, so we recommend registering now to avoid dissapointment. 

The Foundation Course is the pre-requisite for all further courses within the Gnostic Society which includes Meditation Chamber, deeper study of Tarot and Kabbalah, Runic Yoga, Advanced Self Psychology, and The Esoteric Path. Each class consists of a talk, meditation practice, and optional homework during the week. These classes are offered on a non-profit basis. The recommended contribution is $10 – $15 per week. 

Sunday Webinars

The next webinar series is “Awakening Consciousness”, 3:30pm Sundays from 28th June, online via Zoom. If you are unable to make it on Sundays, the webinars will be recorded for you to watch later at your own leisure during the week. We do, however, recommended joining live if you can.

Week One – The Interior Mind and the Development of Clairvoyance
Week Two – The Fourth Dimension and the Illusion of Time
Week Three- The Universal Mind and the Power of Thought
Week Four – The Four States of Consciousness
Week Five – Practical Didactic of Awakening

In order to keep this Webinar affordable to all, the cost to register for the five week course is only $25;  Please register via this link and/or join the mailing list below to be kept up to date with webinars in the future
The August Webinar will be “Dream Interpretation, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Travel“. Further details will be provided mid-July. Join the mailing list below to be kept informed of further updates.

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